Chinese Dating Info

Tips for Dating

When you are dating, you certainly want to make sure you do everything you can to make the woman happy. Of course, knowing what someone wants and what they may expect can be difficult, particularly when you first begin the dating process. When it comes to looking for that China love, this can be particularly problematic, partly because of the cultural differences. Here are some quick and helpful tips that will ensure you are making her as happy as possible.

Carry the handbag if she asks. Sure, you are a manly man and you may not want to carry around a purse. However, it is something she may expect and want. Take a moment to think about what’s important – making her happy or appearing manly in front of another guy you will probably never see again in your life. The answer should be easy.

Second, make sure you connect with her each day, sometimes several times a day. Some American women don’t care if you aren’t calling or texting several times a day. Many Chinese women do not feel this way. They like the idea of constant connection through texts and calls. Get into the habit of using these technological devices to keep in touch.

Third, don’t be selfish with yourself or your time. Sure, you need to have some time on your own. However, you shouldn’t make her take backseat to your friends and hobbies all of the time. If you do, she will likely call you selfish and she will be right. Make sure you are spending enough time with her.

With these three simple tips, it should make it easier to meet Asian women and keep dating them. Of course, you also want to make sure you are listening to what they are saying. Often, they will just tell you what will make them happier.


The First Few Dates

When you are dating and you’ve gone on a couple of dates together, it’s still in the very early stages of the relationship. You may be wondering just what you should be doing in order to get the woman to continue being interested in you, and how you should behave. In the early stages, everything is still new and you are still getting to know one another. The key is to take things nice and slow. They do not tend to move quickly when it comes to romance for the most part, and you need to be respectful of this. Here are some tips that will help you keep your relationship headed in the right direction.

First, you have to spend time gaining her confidence. She doesn’t really know you yet, and she needs to learn that you are not only interested in her because of her beauty and race. She may have led a somewhat conservative and sheltered life, and only talking about her beauty is not enough to impress her. During those first few dates, it is a good idea to learn more about her as a person – who she is and what she enjoys. Everything physical can come later. If you are overly physical in the beginning, you will scare her away.

Second, take the time when you are getting to know her to learn about her family and friends. Show an interest in her life, but never pressure her to reveal more information than she’s comfortable with in the beginning. You wouldn’t want someone pestering you for all of your personal details and history after a couple of dates. There is a difference between showing interest and becoming the chronicler of her history. You need to know that difference.

How to Write a Resume

The best news that you will ever hear is that, with a tiny bit of a push, you can make yourself an absolutely rocking resume that separates you from the crowd as the better candidate for the job opportunity. Only one in every one hundred resumes would I consider as a good one. With my advice, you will be able to beat up even the fiercest opponent with your well written curriculum vitae template. You will be getting phone calls for interviews all day long.

There is however, not so pleasant news that I must deliver to you: your current resume is probably very, very bad. It will need to be rewritten in a much better and smarter style.

For a better understanding, take a gander at the main point of your CV. What is the point of you having a resume? What do you expect it to do for you?

Here is a completely made up situation. You try and get a job that seems like the most perfect fit for you. So naturally you go ahead and submit your CV with your fancy cover letter to the person doing the hiring. Tons of other candidates do the exact same thing. A couple days later and the employer is sitting there looking at a pile of hundreds of applications. Now, while that sounds like a bunch, it really isn’t. With this job market, a single job posting can attract 100 to 1,000 people. The competition is stiffer than it has ever been.

Lets go back to thinking about that hiring manager staring at all those resumes. Trust me, this person is not very excited to be having to sift through all of this. It’s a bunch of boring paperwork as far as they’re concerned. Unfortunately for them, they are required to do it. It’s almost a guarantee that they will feel like falling asleep before getting halfway through the stack. All of a sudden they find themselves focusing less and less, until – lo and behold – YOUR resume pops up. The more and more they read your application, the more they become alert. They become excited and happy to be doing what they’re doing. Just think about if you could make this type of impression. A good CV design will do just that!

Meanwhile, most of the other resumes that are being considered may have only gotten a quick look over. Your will get read, from the very start to the very finish. After it is done being admired, it will get put at the top of the priority pile list. This gives you a huge jump start to securing your dream job.

The Number One Purpose of a Resume

The resume is the number tool with just a single purpose: to secure you a job interview. Think of it like an advertisement for yourself. It’s not going to GET you the job, but it is going to get your foot in the door.

You can’t just write about what you’ve done – you need to tell them what you WILL do, and what you will CONTINUE to do. Put yourself in the best possible light. Give them the impression that you will be successful with or without them. That is a major key.

Be objective about it as well. If your resume doesn’t catch your eye and excite you, what makes you think that it will do the same for someone else? You need to be your own toughest critic. If you keep all this in mind you will be on your pathway to a brand new job.

Music Appropriate For Everyone

Few artists today are really deserving of having the term legend attached to their name. Bob Dylan is certainly one of those performers, and he will be performing a number of shows at the Royal Albert Hall in October of 2015. The first show is on Wednesday the 21st of October, and he’ll be playing a show each night until Sunday the 25th of October. Even though he’s playing five shows, since this will be one of the most popular concerts in London, chances are good that the tickets will sell quickly.

Only those who have been living under a stone, and not a rolling one at that, are unfamiliar with the work of Bob Dylan. He’s one of the most iconic artists of his and other generations, starting in the 1960s and going strong ever since. Some of the most popular songs from the Dylan catalog include “Like a Rolling Stone”, “Blowin’ in the Wind”, “The Times They Area A-Changin’”, and “Mr. Tambourine Man” to name just a smattering of songs he’s written and recorded over the years. It’s great that he’s still touring and bringing his music to fans around the world. This should be one of the most popular London concerts in 2015.

Whether you grew up listening to Dylan, or you are just now starting to get into his songs and the messages that they convey, you really can’t afford to miss this concert. Who knows how much longer he will want to continue touring? There are few places better to see him than the famous Royal Albert Hall too. If you are looking for concerts in London, make sure that you take the time to see Dylan. He’s an artist like none other, and his concerts still really do rock. Get your tickets!

Everyone knows AC/DC and they love the gravelly voice and the growling guitars that have made the band one of the most enduring hard rock acts for decades. They have countless hit songs, many of which were featured in the soundtrack to the first Iron Man movie. They are coming to play at Wembley Stadium on July 7, and this promises to be one of the most raucous and exciting concerts in London this year.

The band puts on a phenomenal show every time out, and they often sound remarkably close to their album recordings. Of course, it’s all a bit louder and rawer, but that helps to make the experience even better for the concert goers. One of the best things about seeing this band is that the entire concert seems to be a series of hits simply because the band has so many! You will be able to hear some of their top songs, such as “Back in Black”, “Highway to Hell”, “Hells Bells”, “Thunderstruck”, “You Shook Me All Night Long”, and “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap”. This is just the beginning!

Hard rock fans looking for concerts in London should not pass up the opportunity to see this band perform live. It’s an event that will stick in your memory as one of the best concerts you’ve seen for a long time to come. The skills the band has honed over the years are never more evident than when they are on stage and performing in front of their fans.

If you are looking for whats on London and you love rock music, it really doesn’t get much better than seeing AC/DC live and in person. Keep in mind that this is one of the most popular bands in the world, and tickets for the show will sell briskly.

Golden Opportunities with Gold

I’m about to tell you what to look for when acquiring gold jewelry:

If you didn’t know, gold jewelry is something that has always been important and desired – and that will ALWAYS be important and desired. This is because there is a finite amount of it on Earth. The only way I can see it getting devalued is if we were able to go to a planet that was absolutely covered in gold and we brought it all back. This would devalue gold and make it less valuable. There is currently no known planet made of gold, so we currently have nothing to worry about. Pure gold does not lead to staining or tarnishing like inferior alloy blends. Usually, if anyone has a difficulty with staining on their skin it is because of their body and not the gold.

Gold is incredibly malleable and as such can be built into just about any condition or shape including very small hair like strands and slim sheets. In the religious church community you will often find it shaped in the Holy Cross.

One of the number one things that most people search for when buying this jewelry is the purity. Thankfully there exists a universal system for identifying this factor. If you are buying something at a reputable Detroit pawn shop then it is likely that the shopkeeper can assist you.
Generally it is marked 18K, 14K, or 10K, with the K standing for karat.

The greater the karat amount, the larger the proportion of gold in your gold jewelry.

• 24K gold is pure gold.
• 18K gold consists of 18 pieces of gold and 6 pieces of additional metals, making it 75% gold.
• 14K gold incorporates 14 pieces of gold and ten areas of one or more metals, making it less gold.
• 12K gold consists of 12 sections gold and twelve parts of a single or a lot more supplemental metals, producing it 50% gold.
• 10K gold has 10 pieces of gold and 14 parts of more added metals. 10K gold is the minimal karat that can be referred to as “gold” in the United States.

Unlike the gold you would find in pawn shops in Detroit, European jewelry is marked with different quantities that indicate their proportion:

• 18K gold is marked 750 to suggest 75% gold
• 14K gold is marked 585 for 58.5%
• 12K gold is marked 417 for 41.7%

The karat marking on your gold jewelry should be accompanied by a hallmark or trademark that identifies its maker. The item’s place of origin could possibly also be incorporated.
It may sound the best, but pure gold is delicate and is just not realistic for day by day dress. Other metals are mixed with it to make it much more durable (and to reduce its price tag).
Good gold is durable, so it is a better selection for jewelry you may dress in often. If you have allergies to nickel or other metals, opt for objects that have high gold content, like 18K or 22K gold jewelry.